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So if you don't mind I think I'll wear my heart on my sleeve, 'Cause I'm tired of not being able to breathe.
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new journal guys =]


friend's only so go comment once i fix itt

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[ mood | pissed off ]

Are you one of the 3 P`s? (Poser, Punk, Prep)
What do they call you?
When is your cake-day?
What color are you feelin`?
What grade you reppin`?
What`s your favorite song?
You are a ViRGiN =) TRUE
You are in l0ve <3 FALSE
You are: YOURSELF! - Yes, you are N0T one of the 3 P`s. GO Y0U! You have your own style and personality that is impossible to label! There is not one word that can describe you. All there is to say is...NEVER CHANGE.
You are a true: Friend - Your not selfish at all! You care about other people and their needs.
You like: Shopping - W0w you are a SH0P-0-H0LiC! Stay cool, and don`t spend all the money on your mama`s plastic =D
One of your go0d qualities is: that your Caring - Your a very caring person, you care about others around you and people realize that. Stay the way you are.
This quiz by lil_mmm - Taken 56741 Times.
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hehe i like this quiz <3

yeah well my parents hinted to me about my grandmas gift was .. and whati thought i was getting i didnt ..so im pissed and i only have 20 dollars to spend tomorrow at the mall i will make it work..then i have a 40 dollar gift card at aero and a 10 dollar off..but aero isnt at somerset so i have to wait...which thats why im pissed but i am selfish for being pissed just because.
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Another quiz... i`m afraid so [122404]
[ mood | im just peechy ]

499 QuEsti0nS <3Collapse )

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[ mood | dAwg i`m frICken eXciTed ]

MeRRy ChRiStMaS eVe <3

Today i woke up ever since i`ve been watching tv and playing hit and run simpsons ps2 game with my brother.

Yesturday was his birthday we went out to eat at Red Robins then i went to gymnastics. i`m depressed because Shane is in Germany for a week and a half = / new and old kevin got to spot me i like old kevin he`s awesome but new kevin ..no no he`s related to a squirrel and his brother..whooa nastty!  oh well

Tomorrow once we wake up and open presents and stuff we are going to my Aunt Sid`s house for a Christmas Party with my MomS side <3 can`t wait ..i`m really excited to see what my grandma got me though...it`s got something to do with shopping and a lot of money ..my dad was hinting to it ..so i think it`s a really big spending gift card and he said i will love it because it`s for a mall  so i`m hoping it`s Somerset cause me Felicia and Sara are going there on Monday =D s0 exciTed dAwg!!

Sunday  we are having a Christmas Party at OUR house for my Dad's side <3

Monday shopping at Somerset with Sara n Felicia =D!!!!! dawg i`m so excited  soooo excited

well merry christmas i won`t be updating till about Tuesday 



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[ mood | b0rEd ]

You are 80% Aries

on their sleeve

[ mood | naughty ]

You Were Very Naughty This Year!

Naughty, naughty! You've given Santa a broken heart.
You probably won't get anything from Mr. Claus
Except for a well deserved spanking
(Which you'll probably enjoy, you sicko!)

=0 =X =P
on their sleeve

st0leEN fr0m my c0usin`s FrIeNd mEgAn =) [122204]
[ mood | okay ]

FiLl iT 0uT dAwG___

i_____ amber.
amber is _____.
amber needs ______.
I want to _____ amber.
amber can ______.
Someday amber will _______.
amber reminds me of _______.
Without amber, _________.
amber can be _______.
amber is always _______.
Worst thing about amber is ________.
Best thing about amber is ________.
I think amber should _________.
If amber was an animal, she would be a ______.
Right now, I bet amber is thinking about _______.
amber makes me want to _______.
amber probably tastes like ________.
If I could spend the day with amber, I'd ____________.
I'd ______ for amber.
amber is made of _________.
amber is the _________.
If I could be amber for a day, I'd ______.
I want to give amber a ________.
The song _____ by _____ reminds me of amber.

c0mmEntS aRe ReQuiReD <3

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[ mood | s0 exCitEd dawG ]

well i'm verrry excited for this weekend and the rest of break..

tomorrow- my brothers birthday we are going out to eat, then going to gymnastics.

friday-christmas eve, shopping in the morning then later on i think we are visiting my grandma and eating dinner over there.



monday - waking up earlyyyyyy and shoppping with my 2 favoritest peoples SARA AND FELIPO!! 

now heres some gay little quizes that i was borred with


s0me Quizes anD stuFf ---xCollapse )

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[ mood | juST pEeChy ]

weLl a lot has gone on since i last updated

here's the major parts...


  • TuEsDaY  --bBaLl gAmE wE w0n


  • ThuRsdAy --gymNasTiCs


  • fRIdAy -- h0mE gAmE (wE w0n) thEn prAcTiCe tiLl 8 . me n SaRa SlePt 0vEr fElicIas . we rented ElF ( byE buDdY tAkE cArE-- d0n't eAt thAt (hiDeS, lauGhS, eAtS an0thEr) stArts clAPPiNg) good tiMes..gosSipiNg anD fALlIng oFf thE beD. 


  • SaturDay --i woke up WenT t0 the eYe d0ctEr. CamE baCk. gosSiped moRe. WaTcHed mEaN giRls. Sara wEnt h0me. finiHsEd mEan giRls , me n Felicia fell As lEep w0ke up g0t reAdy. wEnt t0 r0ger'S ro0st. then the De La sAlle Dance which was so frickin fUN!!! thEn my mom piCked uS up dRopPeD fEliCiA oFf..then saras mom cAme and g0t hEr from my h0use. wenT to SleP


  • sunDay --laYeD ar0unD tHEn lAser QueSt f0r my  Brother'S birthDay it wAs gAy me n my cousin R0chElle weRe the 0nly giRls then us and her brother dj were the 0nly onEs ovEr 12. but  i w0n the Sec0nd gAMe! :D


  • t0dAy -- w0ke uP..WeNt 0nliNe, and t0 hAnnc0ck fabrics..Fashion buG.. and CvS.

 it'S bReAk s0 no Scho0l unTil nExT yeAr -jan 3rd- so exCited chRisTmas is tHIS sATURdAy!!!!   i hAve gymnAstiCs thurSday and it'S also my Br0TheR's biRthDay so i DunNo iF im g0ing. i wanna th0. 


weLl iM g0inG to go Eat SomeThiNg <3

cOmmEnt biiTchEss


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cuZ i`m 5 fo0t 2 aNd i wAnNa dAnCe wit ChU <3 [121504]
[ mood | exCitEd As A m0thEr fuCkkEr ]

 whEw i`m so_ flippin' excited for this weekend!

riGht now im doin' nothing because i have no practice todaaay...sahweet i kn0w!

t0morrow i have gymnastics. i`m so excited i l0ve gymnAstiCs!

fRiDay- h0me gAme. proBably going out to lunch somewhere then to freshman and our jv game.  ow ow!!! then i think we have practice after until 8!! happy sorta cuz we got 2 new freshies! jessie and blunden. blunden is my new base =) i like her basing its really good..but i still miss my laura =(  then i think im sleeping over FeLiPOs!!!! hehe

sAtuRday- g0ing out to DiN dIn with Sara d CaRi me n FeLip0 t0 r0geRs ro0st!  and then the De La Salle dance =) so frickin excited for that!!!!  dIrTy dAncE t0 thE MaXXX <3

SunDay- my Lil br0tHeRs biRthDaY at lAsEr qUeSt! ha im excIted

my weekends gonna be off the hook for surrrre haha


so excited for break!! i can`t wait for christmas  even tho there`s nobody special to share it with this year ... atleast i got my girlsss = ) which i l0ve with all my <3  

10 m0rE dAyS <3 AnD All i wAnt iS y0u

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[ mood | i'm hating this! ]

Friday was our First game. we won =) good job guys! we watched varsitys.. then the bus rides home are always the shit..singing and dancing and having fun! jv baby! then i slept over heathers we hung out with cliff.

Saturday i woke up at 11 and went and got contacts then a little bit of shopping with my mom. sorry nikki for not making it to your party i ended up having to babysit my brother anyways =/

Sunday(today) me and my famm woke up at 930 to go shopping at Somerset..then we realized it didnt open till 11!!! so we walked around the whole place until it was open , i had a fun time got lots of stuff im happy.

Tomorrow i got school and practice at 6

=) FiLl thIs 0uT it WiLl bE fuN

( ) go out with me?
( ) give me your number?
( ) let me kiss you?
( ) have sex with me?
( ) watch a movie with me... even a really sappy one?
( ) let me take you out to dinner?
( ) drive me somewhere/anywhere?
( ) take a shower with me?
( ) be my gf/bf?
( ) have a fling with me?
( ) listen to me if I called you, crying, even if you were out with all of your friends?
( ) buy me a drink if I didn't have money?
( ) take me home for the night?
( ) let me sleep in your bed?
( ) sing car karaoke with me?
( ) sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
( ) come and pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
( ) re-post this for me to answer your questions?

WhY d0 i EvEn tRy..... fuCk thIs <?3

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[ mood | piSSy ]

GymNAstiCs at SeVeN-thirTy - eIght- F0rtY/fIvE

i;m about to eattt dinner stove stop and salsbury hamburger helper =)

tomorrows the FIrSt basKetbALl gAme. exCitEd!

cHs rOckS thE floOr yeAh lEt'S sc0rE

saturday niKkIs bDaY

sunDay shopping at s0mersEt f0r xmass presents for me and my friends...

lots of fun!

i miss him so much...

i just wish he felt the same < 3

:( oh WeLl liFeS a BiitCh dEaL wiTh It

on their sleeve

< 3 SuPeR fUn WeEkeNd < 3 [120504]
[ mood | HapPy < 3 ]


  • Scho0l
  • HeAthErs
  • Freshman Jv and Varsity Basketball scrimmages
  • h0me


  • Hung ar0und the h0use
  • ar0unD 5 wEnt t0 big l0ts lmA0!!!
  • R0gerS ro0st [Turtle p0wer =D]
  • B0wliiNg!
  • Dr0ppeD feLip0 0Ff
  • SarA slept 0ver we watcChed a CiNdereLla st0ry


  • w0ke up, Felip0 cAlleD Us
  • S0metSet mAll fr0m 10 30 unTil 3 30-400
  • dr0ppeD felip0 and SarA 0fF at h0me
  • mCd0nalDs fReNch fRiieS
  • DinnEr
  • HeRe n0w waTchiinG aUstin p0wErs and TaLkinG 0nlinE

    x3 AmBer

3 wear their <3 on their sleeve

Whew so scAry!!! =/ [120104]
[ mood | so scaredstill ]

well t0day was a 1/2 day so me sara and felipo went out to Subway. yumm. then my mom came and got us then we got Ray and went to Blockbuster. rented Freddy got fingered. always a good movie then we ended up going to Macomb Mall to see Napolean Dynamite.also a good movie. then there was so many fuckin scary people and plenty of cute boys but its such a ghetto ass mall never stepping foot there at 7 o clock =/ thank God for Sarah Farrell saving us!!! lol tonight was though fun girllies <3 can't wait for s0merset and tP.iNgg---lmA0!

i'm flippin' tired so i need some sleep. i think i caught a cold from being outside so long! woww my nose is still pink =(

<3 Go0d niigHt swEeT dreAms <3

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it wil be fun :D [112904]
[ mood | sore ]

Reply ANONYMOUSLY with 1 or more of the following:

1. An insult.

2. A secret.

3. A criticism

4. A compliment

5. A death threat

6. A love note

7. Lyrics to a song



Have fun guysss <3

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alm0st wished y0u w0uld`ve l0ved me t0o x3 [112404]
[ mood | crAzii b0red ]

Name: Amber
Age: 14
Birthdate: April 15
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Location: Warren, Mi
Nickname: Bambi, Amb, Baby Amber,Shorty
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green/blue
Piercings: ears and belly button
Tattoos: None

Freckles: yes
Wavy/Straight/Curly Hair: straight, sometimes wavey
Hair length: a little longer than shoulders
Color of nails: hot pink

Do you press down hard when you write? ya
What is on your keychain? a keychain from my coaches, my house key, my mouse , my id card
School: Cousino High
Car: i don`t drive YET
Have you ever worked for a resturaunt? Nope
Do you have a pencil blister? nope
Do you have those little white marks under your nails? i don`t think
Do you have long/short nails? short
What are you wearing right now? blue sweat pants. wife beater that i made at cheer, and a blue zipp hoodie
What time is it? 12:35
Date: November 24, 2004
Do you have a lucky number? 5
Do you do drugs? No
Do you smoke? no
Do you drink? no
Do you have a CD burner? yea
Who do you hate? a few unmetionables
Who hates you? who knows
How many buddies are on your buddy list? 122
How many are online right now? 57
Which ones are you talking to? i was talking to heather but she`s away
What did you do yesterday? I went to school & cheer
What did you do today? school and home
What are you doing tomorrow? going to my aunts for TG day.
What are you doing this weekend? hanging out with heather maybe
What did you do last weekend? went shopping
What are you gonna do when this is over? eat something

Are you currently in love? no
Have you ever been in love? yea
Your Crush: i dont have a "crush"
First Kiss: 7th grade
First Boyfriend/Girlfriend: pre school lol
Is there anyone that you would date again? idkk
Do you believe in love at first sight? ya

thing you ate: chips
thing you drank: mountain dew
thing you said: bye
person you saw: angelo and clayton
person who called you: rochelle
person you called: my dad
person you hugged: heather
person you kissed: who cares, i don`t
person to ride in your car: nobody
car you rode in other than your own: heathers
told you they loved you: heather lmao
movie you watched: stuff about titanic
movie you saw in the theatre: saw
person you gave the finger: i forgot
person who gave you the finger: i dk
person you missed: who cares
phone number called: my dad
show watched on TV: motormouth
song heard: what its like. everlast

Number of continents I have visited: 1
Number of boys I have kissed in my life: idk?
Number of boys I have french kissed: idk?
Number of girls I have kissed: a few pecks
Number of girls I have french kissed: nonee
Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people I would classify as "true, could trust with my life" type friends: 2 maybe 3
Number of piercings: 5
Number of tattoos: 0
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 2
Number of scars on my body: lots
Number of times a person has made me scared of what they could do to me physically: idk
Number of things in my past that I regret: a lot

`that was fUn`

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boom boom why you look so sexxi x3 [112404]
[ mood | energetic ]

friday night heather spent the night. fun stuffs.

saturday i forgot.

sunday i went to heathers and we went sh0ppinG!!!!! i <3 shopping!!!!
---i stayed at heathers from sunday till today because my parents are in tennessee for thanksgiving , they come home friday night sometime.

lotsss of fun times heather. that we won't mention. lmao ;x

today i'm waiting for the mail then going to my aunt bonnies for tonight and thanksgiving (tomorrow) then going home and waiting for my faaamily. :)

hmm cheerleading is going great lately. good job ladies. so proud of the roating qp/lib/arabesq =D
-last night was alright. practice was good. and making shirts and eating was fun bonding time, i love my jv always <3

well i'm gonna g0 listen t0 some more music. l0ve yasss

Happy Thanksgiving :D

x0x0 bAbii Amber

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[ mood | ahh blah so sick ]

+ your name: Amber Marie Hull
+ your gender: female
+ age: 14
+ height: 5'2"
+ hair color: BLONDE =D
+ eye color: Blue/green
+ your location: warren, Mi
+ fear: clowns, bugs, snakes, porcelin dolls, and spiders!

+ peed your pants? who hasen't? =/
+ cheated on someone? nope
+ fallen off the bed? ha yea
+ fallen for a relative? no but i think they are cute. but that's alright
+ had plastic surgery? not yettt
+ broke someones heart? i doubt it
+ had your heart broken? yeah =(
+ had a dream come true? no not really
+ done something you regret? yes =/
+ cheated on a test? yeah
+ been raped? nope
+ broken a body part? yeah my toes. my fingers. my wrist. my knee. my ankle.my lower back is collapsed which is basically breaking it

+ wearing – pj pants , panties ;p , socks , braa, t-shirt and my coat
+ listening to – the show recess
+ chewing - my pop straw
+ feeling? upset. jessie and peter broke up =(. i might have to get my tonsils taken out. my family gets to go on vacation to tennessee next week and i ahve to stay home because i can't miss school or cheerleading. =/ i hate life
+ reading ? the computer screen
+ located – in the living room
+ chatting with ? peter and dave
+ watching – um.. the computer screen?
+ should REALLY be – going pee because i'm about to piss myself. and ms pollock always told us to never hold it in because you get infections.

SECTiON 4 [ DO YOU... ]
+ brush your teeth? yep twice and sometimes 3 times a day when i feel like it
+ like anybody? no not really..not worth it. but hey i'd fuck robbie frank anyday
+ have any piercings? my ears and my bellybutton
+ drive? sooon
+ believe in Santa Clause? deep in my heart. i have to pretend because my brother still beleives. but i like to beleive . it's funner that way
+ ever get off the computer? yea i'm rarely on

+ who is your BESTfriend? well Jessie, Heather, Sara, lots of peopleee
+ who is the loudest? mmm Heather Felica and Sara
+ who is the shyest? Jessie, and Katie (sits behind me in math she's so quiet)
+ who laughs the most? Heather
+ who have you known the longest? Jade
+ who have you known the shortest? Katie
+ do you belong to a crew? no i don't think
+ do you hang out with the opposite sex? yea
+ do you trust your friends? most of them
+ are you a good friend? i like to think i am
+ can you keep a secret? usually

+ hugged ? i think heather at cheer
+ IMed – peter
+ talked to on the phone - my dad
+ yelled at – my mom
+ fell in love with – yeah..not even worth talking about
+ tripped – lmao this kid on the bus
+ turned down – pssh i don't know

+ What do you want to be when you grow up? hmm la laker girl ;p no uh, i want to be a teacher, or maybe a lawyer or something big and successful
+ What was the worst day of your life? there was a few. the day i found out my cousin amanda was murdered ..2 days after my birthday =/ ...the day i found out my cousin ryan was going to be a marine at age 19 ..as of right now he's 20. and in japan for 2 years =(..i was 6 and my papa died, he meant everything to me and so much more.
+ What is your most embarrassing story? When justin flipped my skirt up last year on the street by leasons and it got stuck on my butt cheek and wouldn't come off so the whole street and about 50 people seen my hot ass
+ What has been the best day of your life? seeing my cousin ryan before he went of for the marines ...other wise there was really nothing better
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? no..
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? My papa, my cousin ryan , my day and how it went, what i want to do the next day.

+ Movie: Now and then. casper. ever after. selena. a cinderella story. can't hardly wait. mean girls. hope floats. stepmom.
+ Song: Through the Rain by Mariah Carey. nelly and tim mcgraw over and over again. tim mcgraw don't take the girl. letters from home john michael montgomery
+ Store: abercrombie. aeropostale. wet seal. victoria secret. kohls.
+ Relative: ryan . my papa. my cousin wendy
+ Sport: Cheerleading
+ Vacation Spot: Florida. or new york
+ Ice Cream Flavor: hmm mint chocolate chip :D
+ Fruit: kiwi mango
+ Candy: hersheys chocolate chip cookie candy bar
+ Holiday: christmas and my BDAY
+ Day of the Week: Friday and saturday nightz
+ Color:Pink or baby blue
+ Magazine: seventeen ym and cosmo
+ TV show: full house. motormouth. vhi or mtv stuff
+ Name for a Girl: Alexis Lynn, Bridgit
+ Name for a Boy: Dylan Christopher

SECTiON 9 [ DO YOU . . .]
+ Like to give hugs? - i <3 hugs
+ Like to walk in the rain? yes.
+ Sleep with or without clothes on? usually on, but it's comfortable without sometimes
+ Prefer black or blue pens? black.
+ Dress up on Halloween? - sometimes
+ Have a job? - not yet. but soon
+ like to travel? - yeah
+ Like someone? - not really
+ Sleep on your side, tummy or back? - all over the place
+ Want to marry? - yes,once i find the -right- guy
+ Have a goldfish? -no
+ Have stuffed animals? - yes tons
+ Go on vacation? - yeah

+ Abortion: i absolutly think it's the mothers choice, if she cannot keep the baby (not even money, too young, w/e) you should just put it up for adoption but killing the baby it just stupid. you already have been attacked to it for 9 months =(
+ Eating Disorders: well. they are not stupid because people who have them can't help because it's a medical /mental disorder or whatever. i think it's actually quite sad that people have to starve themselves. or make themselves puke to make them look better to make someone else like the way they look is stupid. god made us who we are people should deal the fuck with it.
+ Summer: i <3 it. swimming. tanning. having fun. not a worry in the world.
+ Tattoos: flippin' sexxy
+ Piercing: i like tongue rings. i like belly rings too
+ Make-up: my best friend. if it wasn't for make-up, i'd be even uglier than usual
+ Drinking: it's alright i guess

+ Pierced nose or tongue? tongue.. exspecially on a GUY
+ serious or funny? - Funny, but serious when needed to be
+ Single or taken? - i'd rather be taken. but single isn't too bad
+ Simple or Complicated? - simple.
+ Law or anarchy? - law
+ MTV or BET? -MTV
+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek? - Dawson's Creek
+ Sugar or salt? - salt
+ Chocolate or flowers? - flowers
+ color or Black-and-white photos? black-and-white with only features of the picture colored
+ Sunrise or sunset? - sunsets are beautiful but so are sunrises
+ M&M's or Skittles? - Skittles
+ Rap or Rock? - rap
+ Stay up late or sleep in? - sleep in. i like sleep. sleep is good.
+ TV or radio? - tv
+ Hot or cold? - i'd rather be cold because hot is uncomfortable
+ Sun or moon? - moon
+ Diamond or Ruby? - diamond.
+ Left or Right? - right
+ 10 acquaintances or one best friend? - one best friend.
+ Kids or no kids? kids
+ Cat or dog? -cat
+ Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
+ newspaper of magazine? - magazine.
+ Rain or snow? - rain
+ Lace or satin? - Lace
+ A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? -well sex is fun, but i'd say a lifetime of friendship you can always have sex, but you don't always have your friends
+ Happy or sad? happy
+ Corduroy or plaid? i <3 my corduroy pants
+ sneakers or sandals? - adidas sandals, but i love my air f0rce tw0s ;p
+ McDonald's or Burger King? - Burger king
+ Mexican or Italian food? - mexican.
+ Lights on or off? - off. lights are too bright to my eyes
+ Candy or soda? - soda
+ A house in the woods or the city? - i like both
+ Pepsi or Coke? -pepsi

I'm still sick. grr i've been sick for soo long. before Halloween so about 3 weeks. the stupid clinic doesn't know shit. i'm going to the real doctors tomorrow so i get to miss school =/ again Ang thinks i need my tonsils out. my mom agrees. i'm scared. ang said it hurts after you get them taken out. i have to wait until x-mas break though because we have competiton December 4th. semi-excited. i really wish i had my bhs though. instead a few of us do somersaults for christ-sake. it hurts too. worse than backhandsprings do. shane said i'm really close i hope i atleast get mine by the end of the season.

well i'm going to go. go0d niGht <3 sWeeT drEams


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[ mood | lonely ]

Any0ne wanna be my b0yfriend = )

pretTy pleaSe w/ sugar 0n t0p..

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[ mood | relaxed ]

today i am sick again. i stayed home from school. i hate being sick. it's so stupid and boring.

my back has been hurting horribly for the past year or so..even worse since cheerleading started. and i always had people crack it for me. and i couldn't even lay down last night it hurt so bad.

so my dad took me to the chiropractor today and i found out that the jelly disk between my back bone in my lower back squeezed out and the bone is on the other bone and it collapsed and the nerve space is tiny so everytime i cough i get muscle spasims in my legs (which hurt like hell) 

Spinal Joint

the pink things are the jelly disks , the second from last one squeezed out and the circles are wear the nerves are and its supposed to be big like that but they are probably not even big enough to see through now. the one after it would have done the same if i didn't get it checked out. 

and they put a heating pad on my back and this girl that goes to Cousino and is student president or something gave me a massage..and then the doc came and cracked my back and it feels so good.  the receptionist/girl who gave me x rays went to cousino too she was on cheer and dance team. 

once im 15 i can get a permit and work there. cuz my dad is friends with the dc because my dad gets his back cracked from him too. so yay job for me :D



Jv Cheer Competiton this saturday 9:15 Henry Ford 2High School in Sterling heights

you should come and support us it will be FuN! =D


well im going to go.

loving nobody : D


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